5 Influencer Marketing Platforms to Boost the Results of Your Campaigns

Influencer marketing is a highly effective approach for reaching new audiences, increasing brand awareness, and boosting the marketing ROI. Every big to small brand is now using this marketing strategy, even the sellers of Spectrum TV!

People believe a story when it’s shared by someone they know, trust or admire. These influencers are people who tell your story to your target audience on social media in an impactful way.

When getting into the influencer trend, it’s essential to ensure your product is ready to go under the scrutiny of hundreds of thousands to millions of subscribers. Refine every aspect of your product, from the packaging to the quality; otherwise, no matter how famous the influencer you get, your product will not take off. Moreover, trustworthy influencers with a massive following won’t bet their credibility on a product that doesn’t deliver on its promise. That said, work on making your product great and combine it with creative custom packaging for the best customer experience.

If you are ready to leverage the power of influencer marketing, start with these top 5 popular Influencer Marketing Platforms:

5 Influencer Marketing Platforms

  • Grin

This platform focuses on eCommerce business and its integrations include some major shopping platforms. It comes with top-notch marketing management features plus it’s easy to use. It’s perfect for creating genuine and direct relationships with influencers. With this platform, you can cultivate an authentic influencer network and make your brand value.

The searchable database of Grin includes more than 100 million influencers from YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 37 million of these profiles have their email addresses listed, which means you can easily contact them. Another cool feature of this platform is that it has a lookalike function. So once you have found an influencer that resonates with your brand, the lookalike feature will help you find more influencers like these.

  • Upfluence

This is a self-service platform that lets you set a price suiting your business and find an influencer to work with. Big names like PayPal and Microsoft are huge fans of Upfluence.

With Upfluence, finding influencers across all social media platforms is quick. plus, applying filters with its 20 advanced search criteria for finding the right person for your campaign is very simple. Not only are you able to find an influencer matching your campaign, but you can gain insights into the performance of that particular influencer. Data such as audience size, posting habits, engagement rate, etc. lets you determine if the influencer is worth it.

  • Creator.co

Creator.co markets itself as a platform where brands and creators unite. It started in 2018 and was known as Shop and Shout. At that time, it focused on micro-influencers and small businesses. They have rebranded themselves recently and now the platform is called Creator.co.

You will have a database of 500 million influencers to choose from. In-depth data on the influencers and their audiences are available. Using the deep insights report, you will have enough insights to make a decision.

The creators fall into the category of micro-influencers and so the platform focuses on the quality of content more than anything. The workflow of this platform starts with campaigns. You first define the campaign, which can be fully customized, and then you find an influencer.

  • Influence

Influence is a platform featuring 2000+ users from 30 different countries who want to improve and personalize their influencer marketing strategies. The platform focuses on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. It has 70 million influencers in its database.

The amount of data Influencity offers can be overwhelming. By applying certain search filters, you can dig deep into each influencer’s profile. There are more than 100,000 ways to combine the filters and find the right influencer.

With this platform, it’s easier to manage multiple campaigns at the same time. This way, you would be spending less time managing campaigns and focus on sharing results with your clients.

  • Tagger

Tagger is one of those influencer marketing platforms that focuses on data. It is capable of tracking 9 billion+ social conversations. It also boasts social listening tools that are very easy to use. With the amount of data and insights it offers, this platform is ideal for large organizations.

You can apply advanced search filters to find the right match from the extensive database of influencers. This influencer marketing platform is trusted by global brands and agencies. They use it for finding influencers, understanding their audiences, setting campaigns, and generating reports.

The social listening tools allow you to understand your audience, track sponsored as well as organic mentions, uncover content insights, and measure your brand’s overall social health.


Before settling for a platform, it’s best to know what you want like would you like to discover new influencers. Do you want a campaign management feature? Are you interested in 3rd party analytics? Once you are certain about the features, decide from there.