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Social media has undoubtedly changed the marketing scenario for businesses. It has been a great help for businesses to boost their reach but nowadays also helps them to improve the overall look and feel of their respective websites. Therefore you might have noticed that businesses are searching for easy methods to add social media feed to WordPress, and with some useful tools, they can do it.

But merely adding a social media feed to WordPress is not enough. It is also essential to make the social media feed on the website more attractive so that people pay more attention to it. Or else what will be the point of adding a social media feed on the website.

Tools to Add Social Media Feed To WordPress Websites

As mentioned, various types of tools help you to embed social media feed on a WordPress website. These tools provide a social media widget that works as a functional block on the website, allowing you to display your social media feed easily. Two types of tools are highly recommended and used for this process. These tools are social media aggregators and WordPress plugins.

Social media aggregators are incredible tools that help you in collecting social media feeds from various social media platforms, enable you to curate and customize the collected feeds and provide a smooth process to embed them on your website.

These tools not only ease the embedding process but also offer some useful features helping you to make the most of this strategy. These include customization, moderation, responsive widget, and more.

While some prefer using social media aggregators, others also prefer using WordPress plugins. Most WordPress users are aware of WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins are the tools that help users in making their websites more attractive and more functional. 

Like social media aggregators, these tools also ease the whole embedding process and provide you with features that make these plugins a perfect marketing tool.

But as mentioned, it is also essential to make the social media feed on the website more attractive so that people can pay attention to it and the strategy meets its purpose. Hence, in this blog, we will mention some social media feed ideas that you can consider while opting to embed a social media feed on a WordPress website. So without any further ado, let’s dive into it.

Social Media Feed Ideas for WordPress Website – Try Now

1. Hashtag Feeds

Hashtags provide significant aid to social media users. It helps uploads to reach their target audience and at the same time, it helps the viewers to find their desired content. Hashtags set content under a common umbrella. 

You can opt to embed hashtag content on your website and display the content of a particular hashtag. These hashtags can be related to your brand. This helps in making the website more lively. You can use hashtags as per need, and each has its importance. For example –  

You can display hashtags related to your industry so that your visitors know about the industry’s latest happenings. Or you can even market your own hashtags campaign, it helps to gather more views and encourage people to use the same hashtags to get themselves a feature on the website.

2. Handle Feeds 

To extract maximum benefits from the platform, you must have a strong social media presence. That means your account should be known to more people and should have a good following list. And for this purpose, it is vital that create awareness about it. That means that more people get to know about your social media handles.

With the help of tools and plugins, you can display your handle feed on your website and give visitors a sneak into your social media presence. And if they like your content, they can also follow you there.

3. Mention Feeds

Mention feed refers to the content in which the audiences have mentioned your brand in their social media posts. You can combine the posts from different social media platforms from the users and showcase them on your WordPress website.

This content works as social proof, and it helps your potential customers to make their decisions. It also helps to grow brand awareness and even boost user-generated content related to your business. Moreover, it also helps in generating an excellent brand-consumer relationship. People feel valued when a brand showcases its content on its respective website. Hence, helps in building a solid relationship and, at the same time, improves brand reputation.

Over to You

There you have it; these were the 3 best social media feed ideas for WordPress websites that you can use when you choose to add a social media feed to a WordPress website. Various WordPress plugins and tools help you in this cause, as they ease the embedding process and provide features that help you make the website more appealing and beautiful.

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