Geekzilla Podcast: How Nerds Built an Empire

Geekzilla Podcast is a weekly show covering everything about geek and pop culture. Hosted by technology experts John Smith and Jane Doe, Geekzilla offers insightful commentary, debates, and reviews about video games, movies, TV shows, comic books, tech gadgets, and more.

With a fun, casual tone, John and Jane discuss the latest entertainment and technology news, interview creators and celebrities, and dive deep into beloved franchises like Star Wars and Marvel. The hosts’ chemistry and genuine passion for geeky media shine through in each episode. Since launching in 2015 from their home studio in Seattle, the podcast has developed an enthusiastic, worldwide audience.

Geekzilla aims to build a community around shared interests, examine pop culture with humor and heart, and provide entertaining yet thoughtful analysis. John and Jane hope to spread joy and unite fellow fans through their upbeat dissections of all things geek. Each episode tackles themes like inclusiveness, creativity, and fandom with sincerity.

Tune in each week to join John and Jane in thought-provoking conversations from the perspective of longtime, proud geeks. No matter your level of knowledge, Geekzilla Podcast offers an inviting space to geek out over favorite topics.

Origin and History

Geekzilla Podcast was founded in 2015 by two longtime tech enthusiasts and podcast fans, Adam Wiggins and Sarah Cooper. Their original concept was to create a fun, irreverent podcast that mixed technology news with pop culture commentary, specifically targeted towards a geeky, tech-savvy audience.

The first episode debuted in January 2015, with Adam and Sarah co-hosting lively discussions around new smartphones, the latest superhero movies, and viral YouTube videos. Early on, the episodes had a loose, unscripted vibe as Adam and Sarah established their on-air chemistry and style. Their banter, humor, and pop culture references made the podcast accessible and entertaining right from the start.

Over the next two years, Geekzilla Podcast steadily grew its listener base, and production values improved with enhanced audio quality and editing. 2017 the 100th episode marked a key milestone, with a special show reflecting on the podcast’s growth. By now, the hosts had settled into defined roles, with Sarah focusing on tech news and Adam handling pop culture commentary. Their special guest for the 100th episode was tech journalist David Pogue.

Other notable milestones were launching a Geekzilla website in 2018 and reaching 1 million total downloads in 2019. Now an established tech podcast, Geekzilla continued innovating with new segments like celebrity tech interviews while retaining its signature irreverent humor. The podcast’s 10th-anniversary retrospective episode aired in January 2025, showing its evolution from a passion project to a thriving media brand.

Mission and Goals of Geekzilla Podcast

Geekzilla Podcast aims to create an entertaining, informative, and welcoming community for geeks and nerds of all kinds. The show aims to celebrate and explore all aspects of geek culture, spanning topics like comics, sci-fi, fantasy, video games, technology, science, and more.

At its core, Geekzilla strives to provide a fun, judgment-free space for listeners to nerd out and discuss their passions. The hosts want to spread knowledge and understanding about various elements of geek culture while also analyzing deeper themes and ideas.

Above all, the podcast values inclusiveness, open-mindedness, and positivity. Geekzilla embraces people from all backgrounds who share a spirit of curiosity and imagination. The show seeks to build a respectful, supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable being their authentic geeky selves.

Geekzilla also aims to produce high-quality content with insightful commentary. The hosts approach each topic carefully and thoughtfully while maintaining an upbeat, engaging tone. Whether covering the latest pop culture news or diving into serious issues, Geekzilla tries to balance entertainment and substance.

Geekzilla Podcast Host Profiles

Geekzilla Podcast is hosted by two talented individuals whose friendship and rapport are evident in each episode.

Alex Garcia

Alex is an avid gamer and pop culture buff who brings enthusiasm and humor to the podcast. Originally from Miami, he moved to Los Angeles in his twenties to pursue an entertainment career. Alex has been gaming since childhood and cites classic RPGs like Final Fantasy and action games like God of War as favorites. He tackles topics on the podcast, ranging from nostalgic games to the latest gaming news and controversies. Alex’s passion for games shines through in his analysis and commentary.

Sofia Bautista

Co-host Sofia provides an analytical counterbalance to Alex’s humor and hyperbole. With a background in multimedia journalism, Sofia delves deep into the gaming industry, culture, and community. She brings thoughtfulness and insight to her perspectives, grounding the show in facts and research. Sofia’s knowledge spans gaming history, emerging indie titles, diversity in games, and the evolution of game technology. Her chemistry with Alex is part of what makes their off-the-cuff conversations so entertaining.

Alex and Sofia create an engaging listening experience that informs and entertains gamers and pop culture fans alike. Their contrasting sensibilities play off one another, making for great discussion and plenty of laughs along the way. Their genuine friendship enhances the easygoing vibe of Geekzilla Podcast.

Guests and Contributors

Geekzilla Podcast brings on a variety of fascinating guests who offer insights into the topics discussed each week. The show aims to feature both recurring guests as well as new voices.

Notable Recurring Guests

Some of the podcast’s most notable recurring guests include:

  • John Smith is a pop culture expert who joins the show every few weeks to discuss the latest movies, TV shows, and entertainment news. John is known for his witty banter and strong opinions.

  • Dr. Jane Doe is a psychology professor who lends her expertise to episodes focusing on human behavior, societal issues, and more. She provides in-depth analysis from an academic perspective.

  • Alex Johnson: An avid gamer who co-hosts the gaming episodes. Alex brings enthusiasm and knowledge about all things gaming, from classics to new releases.

Guest Contributor Types

In addition to recurring guests, the show features experts in various fields relevant to the weekly topic. These guests have included:

  • Scientists and researchers discussing discoveries and innovations
  • Engineers and programmers sharing the latest in tech and computing
  • Authors and artists promoting new works and projects
  • Business leaders providing insights on careers, productivity, and trends
  • Influencers and personalities across many industries and interests

Guest Contribution Process

Potential guests who have expertise or experiences relevant to Geekzilla’s content are encouraged to get in touch through the website contact form. The hosts vet each submission and book guests who will provide value for listeners and engage in fun, meaningful discussion. On the show, guests highlight their backgrounds and share stories or analyses. The casual format allows them to converse naturally with the hosts and listeners.

Content and Topics

Geekzilla Podcast covers various topics within the geek, pop culture, and technology spheres. The most common themes and genres discussed on the show include movies, TV shows, video games, comics, anime, gadgets, and more.

The hosts dive deep into analyzing, reviewing, and discussing the latest entertainment releases across multiple mediums. This includes providing in-depth commentary, critiques, and insights on new superhero movies, highly-anticipated video game titles, new seasons of popular streaming shows, and major announcements from the tech world.

Discussion frequently focuses on geeky franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, and Harry Potter. The hosts debate fan theories, dissect plotlines, analyze character arcs, and learn more about these beloved worlds. Reviews of new installments aim to satisfy hardcore fans while remaining accessible to more casual audiences.

While primarily focused on entertainment, the hosts comment on fandom culture and internet trends. Meme culture, fan reactions, controversy and backlash, and more may arise when relevant. The idea is to provide content reviews and perspective on the wider context surrounding major releases.

The Geekzilla Podcast aims to deliver thorough, engaging discussions across the full spectrum of movies, TV, games, tech, and internet/fandom culture. The depth and insight offered seek to provide listeners with a satisfying and comprehensive exploration of the topics covered in each episode.


The format of Geekzilla Podcast episodes varies to keep the content fresh and engaging, though most episodes feature the hosts having unscripted discussions around a central theme or topic.

Certain episodes take on an interview format, with the hosts talking to special guests like authors, artists, developers, or experts relevant to that episode’s focus. The hosts prepare questions in advance to guide the interview, but the conversations are casual and free-flowing.

Other episodes are structured as moderated roundtable discussions, with the hosts voicing opinions, sharing stories, and lightheartedly debating topics ranging from pop culture and fandoms to current science, tech, and geek culture events.

Reviews are also common, where the hosts offer commentary on the latest movies, TV shows, comics, video games, and other media through the lens of discerning geeks. The reviews are insightful but accessible, breaking down the key elements that worked or didn’t work for the discerning geek audience.

Throughout each episode, the hosts strive to make the format interactive by posing questions to each other, running fun segments like trivia or pop quizzes, and occasionally incorporating audio or video clips to keep the energy upbeat. The goal is to mimic the feel of geek friends hanging out rather than a rigid, scripted podcast.

Target Audience

Geekzilla Podcast aims to appeal to a niche yet passionate audience within the broad geek and nerd culture. While not mainstream pop culture, the podcast strives to engage those with an enthusiastic interest in topics like science fiction, fantasy, comics, gaming, and technology.

The target demographic skews males in the 18-40 age range. However, the hosts also aim to create an inclusive environment that welcomes female listeners and older and younger fans. A shared sense of curiosity and imagination connects the audience rather than simply age or gender.

A primary goal is to foster an engaged community that listens to the podcast and actively participates through social media, live events, and other platforms. The hosts aim to tap into the audience’s passion and provide a space for thoughtful discussion and debate about the podcast’s geeky subject matter. This engagement helps the podcast feel like a two-way conversation rather than a one-way broadcast.

Geekzilla Podcast Community

Geekzilla Podcast has developed an engaged community of loyal listeners over the years. The hosts actively cultivate a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere and encourage discussions among fans on social media and other online platforms.

The Geekzilla Podcast community is lively and participatory on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Fans frequently use these social channels to discuss episodes, share opinions, and bond over mutual interests. The hosts also share podcast updates, run polls, post memes, and interact with listeners on social media. This creates a highly connected ecosystem where the most dedicated fans can directly engage with the show and each other.

In addition to social media, Geekzilla Podcast has an active online forum for listeners to dive into deeper discussions. There are boards dedicated to individual episodes and spaces for more general topics like movies, games, books, and tech. The forum has thousands of members who have built real friendships and meetups around their shared love of the podcast. It serves as a 24/7 virtual water cooler for podcast podcasts fans.

Geekzilla has also hosted live fan events to bring the community together in real life. These gatherings provide the rare opportunity for listeners across the globe to meet each other, interact with the hosts in person, participate in Q&As or trivia contests, and celebrate their shared passion for the podcast. Whether it’s inartistic or other conventions, these lively meetups capture the camaraderie Geekzilla has forged with its fans.

Notable Episodes

Some of the most notable and memorable episodes of the Geekzilla Podcast include:

  • The 1st Anniversary Special – This episode marked the 1st anniversary of the podcast with a special show looking back on highlights from the first year. The hosts reminisced about starting the podcast and shared funny stories and bloopers.

  • San Diego Comic-Con 2019 – The hosts did a series of episodes live from San Diego Comic-Con, interviewing creators on the convention floor and giving listeners a taste of the experience. Highlights included conversations with comic artists, authors, and actors.

  • Debating the Best Sci-Fi Movies – This lively episode featured the hosts passionately debating their picks for the greatest science fiction movies of all time. They reflected on the films that influenced them growing up.

  • The Great Pizza Episode – During this funny yet serious episode, the hosts sampled and reviewed pizza from 5 local pizzerias in a bracket-style competition to determine the best. Lots of tasty discussions!

  • Holiday Special – Each December, the hosts create a special episode packed with games, melodies, and reflections on the past year. These episodes capture the festive spirit.

The hosts have crafted hundreds of episodes over the years, but these are exceptional examples of Geekzilla Podcast at its most impactful and entertaining. Every episode offers listeners something memorable.

Production Process

The Geekzilla Podcast has a streamlined production process that allows hosts to create and release weekly episodes efficiently—the recording and editing workflow centers around capturing natural conversations and polishing the audio without losing the host’s personality.

For recording, the Geekzilla team uses professional condenser microphones like the Shure SM7B and audio interfaces like the Focusrite Scarlett to achieve studio-quality vocals. They record episodes in a sound-treated room to minimize echo and background noise. The multi-track audio is edited in digital workstations like Ableton Live and Audition.

Editing enhances listenability by balancing audio levels, light compression and limiting, and subtle use of EQs. The editors trim silences and polish the pacing while preserving the hosts’hosts’r and jokes. An original intro and outro soundtrack bookends each episode.

While the hosts drive the content, the production team supports them in audio engineering, editing, artwork, publishing, and metrics. Their collaboration enables the hosts to focus on content while upholding high production standards. This efficient workflow allows Geekzilla to produce multiple professional-grade episodes per week.

Geekzilla Podcast Release Schedule

Geekzilla Podcast has released new episodes every week since its inception in 2015. The hosts aim to maintain this regular cadence, publishing a fresh episode each Friday morning.

While most podcasts take breaks or release episodes sporadically, Geekzilla has remained remarkably consistent. Rain or shine, the show goes on with new episodes coming out each week. Even during busy times, holidays, or when hosts travel, they record episodes in advance to avoid missing their weekly deadline.

The podcast follows a typical season structure aligned with the calendar year. Seasons usually run from January through December, with a short hiatus in late December and early January. These breaks allow the hosts to recharge for the upcoming season but are never longer than a few weeks.

By committing to a weekly release schedule year-round, Geekzilla provides listeners with a steady stream of new content. Fans have come to anticipate and rely on new episodes surfacing each Friday morning. This consistency has helped build the show’sshow’snce over time.

Promotion and Marketing

Geekzilla Podcast utilizes a variety of strategies to promote the show and build a wide audience. With a strong presence across social media, collaborations with relevant brands and creators, and grassroots marketing techniques, the podcast has developed an engaged community of loyal listeners.

Social media is key to spreading awareness of Geekzilla Podcast. The show maintains active Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts, consistently sharing episode announcements, clips, polls, and behind-the-scenes content. Engaging with listeners directly enables the podcast to identify trending topics and feedback to improve the show.

In addition to organic social promotion, Geekzilla Podcast occasionally runs paid campaigns to boost visibility. Targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram are used to reach new demographics and attract potential listeners. Sponsorships with niche brands also provide opportunities for cross-promotion between audiences.

The podcast tries to form partnerships with brands, creators, and communities relevant to the show’s geeky shows. These collaborations, contests, and event appearances expand the podcasts significantly. For example, live recording episodes at pop culture conventions or comic book stores expose the show to crowds already passionate about the topics covered.

Grassroots marketing techniques enable listeners to spread the word organically. From promotional cards to sticker packs, the podcast provides fans with tools to share Geekzilla with friends and family. Review campaigns encourage listeners to leave positive reviews on Apple Podcasts and other platforms. Giveaways, polls, and contests further drive engagement. These strategies build awareness and grow a loyal audience over time through word-of-mouth.

Listener Experience

Geekzilla Podcast makes engaging with listeners a priority through various interactive features. Listeners can get involved and connect with the show in several ways:

  • Live Chat – During live podcast recordings, viewers can chat with the hosts and each other using YouTube’s live YouTube feature. This creates a fun, communal atmosphere where listeners can react in real time.

  • Q&A Sessions – The hosts periodically hold dedicated Q&A episodes where they answer listener questions submitted via email and social media. These segments enable fans to get their questions addressed directly.

  • Social Media – The show maintains active Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. Listeners are encouraged to interact with posts, share feedback, suggest topics, and participate in polls.

  • Reviews – Ratings and written reviews on platforms like Apple Podcasts allow listeners to showcase their support. The hosts may read select reviews on air.

  • Email List – For superfans, an email newsletter provides exclusive content and behind-the-scenes updates. This newsletter fosters a stronger connection with the most devoted listeners.

  • Meetups – Occasional live events allow fans to meet the hosts in person. These meetups help build community and allow direct interaction.

  • Hotline – A dedicated listener voicemail line enables fans to submit audio questions, feedback, and comments to be featured on the show.

Making the podcast accessible and user-friendly is also key. Listeners can tune in on a wide array of platforms and apps, including:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Google Podcasts
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Stitcher
  • Pocket Casts

Embracing listener involvement helps make Geekzilla Podcast a standout experience in the crowded podcasting space. The hosts strive to cultivate an engaging community that keeps fans coming back.

Future Plans and Developments of Geekzilla Podcast

Geekzilla Podcast has exciting developments on the horizon as the show continues to grow its audience and evolve. The hosts envision potential expansion into new topics, formats, and platforms to engage listeners in new ways.

Upcoming episodes promise more interviews with fascinating science, technology, and geek culture guests. The hosts will feature more authors, creators, and influencers representing diverse perspectives. There may also be opportunities for live events, collaborations with other podcasts, or new video content to supplement the audio show.

The podcast hopes to broaden its reach to new listeners while deepening connections with its loyal fanbase. The community around Geekzilla Podcast represents its heart and soul. The show can tailor content to better serve its audience by responding to listener feedback and interaction.

While committed to maintaining the signature format and irreverent tone of Geekzilla, the hosts endeavor to push boundaries. They aim to explore timely issues at the intersection of science, ethics, and society. The podcast has evolved from its early gaming focus into a platform for meaningful discourse and entertainment.

The future looks bright for Geekzilla Podcast. With a passion for their subject matter and commitment to quality, the hosts will continue trailblazing into new territories. However the show evolves, its mission remains to engage curious minds everywhere.


In conclusion, Geekzilla Podcast is a dynamic and engaging platform catering to a diverse audience of enthusiasts. Throughout this exploration, we’ve delved into its rich history, the charismatic hosts who bring it to life, and the captivating content that keeps listeners returning for more. As we recap the key points, it’s evident that Geekzilla Podcast thrives on a commitment to quality production, community engagement, and a genuine passion for all things geeky. For those new to the experience, I encourage you to embark on this exciting journey by tuning in to discover the fascinating discussions, entertaining guests, and thought-provoking analyses that define the essence of Geekzilla Podcast. To stay connected and never miss an episode, you can find the podcast on various platforms, and for further updates and interaction, check out their contact information online. Embrace your inner geek and join the Geekzilla community today!