How To Improve Your Prayer Life with Technology

Thankfully, technology is bringing a positive change in our life. Be it our health, routine, or prayer life, smartphones, apps, smartwatches, and many other gadgets are helping us in multiple ways. 

Since most of us have a busy schedule, struggling with the prayer life is common. Apart from being busy with daily chores, the devil also creates a solid barrier for us.  

Being a full-time worker and a mom of two, praying regularly was a big challenge for me. But a few months back, I was diagnosed with an Impulsive Control Disorder. Within this short time, I experienced a gigantic change in my life. I was craving for peace, and then I started searching for technology that could help me stay on my praying routine. 

Today, I am going to share my research with you: 

This all-in-one Islamic prayer times app features hadiths, prayer reminders, notifications, prayer logs, Quranic audios, and much more. Just download the app, and you can receive reminders as per the prayer times of your geographical location. Besides this, there is an option of listening to Adhan, reading Quranic translations in multiple languages, and searching from the entire Quran. 

Additionally, it helps you in the month of Ramadan. It has a special feature of reminding about Suhoor and Iftar time. You can even read the word-by-word translation of the Quran and understand the holy book without any mentor. 

If you are visiting a new country, this app will be your life-saver. Just search for the nearby Islamic places, and you will get a list of restaurants, schools, mosques, etc. 

Furthermore, the app comprises a Hajj and Umrah guide. Those who perform Hajj for the first time find this app helpful. It tells you about the historical places and covers all important instructions. 

  • Daily Powerful Prayers 

This app can let you start your praying journey with full enthusiasm. It focuses on the morning prayers and features a list of short prayers. Just read a prayer before going to work, and you will find your day in peace. 

You can even combine your friends in your praying routine as the app helps you send Morning Prayer messages to them. The Good morning messages combined with a short prayer will remind your friends about prayer. In return, friends will be thankful to you. 

Moreover, the app contains family prayers too. If the entire family is facing a financial burden or any other issue, use this app for the family prayers. 

Besides adults, teens and kids can also bring a positive transformation in their life through this app. No matter what the situation is, just search for the right prayer and start praying. 

So, whether you are looking for healing prayer or a prayer for forgiveness, this Daily Powerful Prayer app is the correct choice for you. 

  • Prayer Points

Many of my friends use the Prayer Points app. Just like the above one, it contains a prayer for every problem. The best part of this app is its reminder. Set the prayer time, and it will remind you to pray every day. Even if you do not know the right procedure of praying, the app is here to guide you. 

Follow the instructions, and you can successfully restart your praying routine. This app is not just a reminder; it will cherish you and keep you engaged. Follow all the morning, evening, and night prayers from today by downloading this app. 

  • Prayer Mate 

Undoubtedly, technology can sometimes become a great source of distraction. This is not the case with Prayer Mate. The app is smooth and lets you follow your prayer life with full dedication. It comprises index cards from which you can select a prayer of your choice. 

These cards are not pre-made. The app prepares these cards as per the topics and categories selected by you. So, swipe these cards easily, select your preferable topic, and start praying. Within a glance, you can have a look at multiple prayers. You can also set timings for each prayer and get a reminder. Additionally, there is a feature of attaching photos to the subject. In this way, each card will be displayed by a photo, which will make the content easier to understand. 

  • Watch and Pray 

We often need to pray for our overall well-being. Getting rid of the bad habits and adopting the good ones is not easy. Try out this app, and it can transform you in no time. As the name suggests, it tells you inspiring stories and lets you discuss matters with others. After learning lessons from the challenging life of your friends, you feel what God has given to you. 

Being thankful to God is great. It is a realization that prompts you to pray no matter how busy you are. This is the main objective of this app.  Furthermore, it features a forum where you can read and discuss several topics. The app is add-free, so you can concentrate with ease. 

  • Echo Prayer 

Luckily, Echo is designed with the same objective, improving prayer life. Even if you are busy with your 9-5 job, house chores, and kids, Echo will make sure to remind you about prayers. Its prayer log feature will let you have a quick view of your former prayers. It can also remind you about missed prayers and lets you share the prayers with your mates. 

Above all, it notifies your family and friends whenever you make a prayer for them. This is a distinctive feature not commonly present in every app. 

Other Ways 

Apps are the easiest way to bring back your prayer routine. However, there are other options too:

  • Select a podcast and listen to a beautiful prayer every day. You can make it your routine while commuting to the office. Daily Audio Prayer, Time to Pray, Into the Pray are some good options. 
  • Associate your prayer with a scent. You will need an oil diffuser for this. These oil diffusers, which are common in aromatherapies, have a timer. Every time you smell the scent, you can recall your prayer. 
  • Put an alarm on your smartphone. 
  • Subscribe to blogs and YouTube videos to get notifications about daily prayers. 

Wrapping It Up 

All in all, we are not short of apps when it comes to prayers. All we need is a will to improve our prayer life. Fortunately, technology is redefining the way we pray. Today, we can even pray on the go by using an app on our smartphones. We can even get reminders for prayer timings and maintain a prayer log. Apps like Muslim Pro, Echo Prayer, Prayer Points, Prayer Mate, etc., are helping people in practicing prayers every day. 

Download the app that looks best to you. But do not waste time. Start praying from today!

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