How Tanzohub Platform is Powering the Gig Economy

Tanzohub is an innovative cloud-based platform designed to enhance teamwork, collaboration, and project management for businesses and organizations. Launched in 2018, Tanzohub aims to revolutionize traditional workflows by providing an intuitive digital workspace for managing tasks, coordinating teams, and tracking productivity.

At its core, Tanzo hub is centered around streamlining communication and collaboration in one flexible platform. Companies can use Tanzo Hub to manage projects from start to finish, assign tasks across teams, set deadlines, share files, track time and progress, and stay aligned through group chat features. The software combines task organization, document management, real-time messaging, and analytics into a powerful hub for maximizing team productivity.

Unlike clunky legacy project management tools, Tanzohub focuses on an elegant, user-friendly interface using smart design principles. The platform is built to be accessible on any device, from desktop to mobile, enabling seamless collaboration across locations and time zones. Users praise Tanzo Hub for its simplicity in visualizing workflows and flexibility to customize the platform to match existing organizational structures.

With its emphasis on seamless team coordination and robust functionality, Tanzohub aims to be the next generation of work collaboration. It represents a major step forward in using technology to connect distributed teams and democratize information access within dynamic working environments.

Key Features of Tanzohub

Tanzohub offers a robust set of features to enhance teamwork and collaboration. Some of the key capabilities include:

Task Management

  • Create tasks and subtasks with details like descriptions, due dates, assignments, status, priorities, and tags
  • Organize tasks in customizable lists and boards (like Kanban or Scrum)
  • Get calendar views of due dates across projects
  • Manage dependencies between tasks
  • Automate recurring tasks
  • Get notifications on task changes


  • Have discussions in real-time integrated into each project
  • Thread comments on tasks for quick feedback
  • @mention colleagues to notify them or request input
  • Conduct chats, audio calls, and video conferences without leaving Tanzohub

Document Sharing

  • Share files directly within projects for centralized access
  • Get notifications when new files are added
  • Review version histories of documents
  • Work together on files with built-in collaborative editing

Time Tracking

  • Use timers to track time spent on tasks and projects
  • Log time manually for offline work
  • Generate reports on time budgets vs actuals
  • Bill clients based on logged hours


  • View dashboards with project progress, task completion rates, time logs, and more.
  • Analyze individual and team productivity over time
  • Identify areas for improving workflows based on data

Unique Selling Points of Tanzohub

Tanzohub has several unique features that set it apart from traditional project management platforms:

Blockchain-Powered Data Security

Tanzohub utilizes blockchain technology to encrypt data and communications for enhanced security. All files, messages, and information exchanged on Tanzohub are secured on a decentralized blockchain network. This prevents data tampering, ensures accountability through immutable records, and eliminates single points of failure.

Real-Time Collaboration

The platform enables real-time co-editing of documents, instant messaging, screen sharing, and video calls. Teams can collaborate on tasks fluidly across time zones. Changes made by one user are instantly synced to all others for continuous workflow.

Customizable Workflows

Tanzohub allows teams to customize their project workflows with configurable boards, lists, cards, and steps. Teams can adapt the platform to match their needs rather than conform to rigid frameworks. Workflows can be adjusted as projects evolve.


Whether startups or large enterprises, Tanzohub scales to support teams of all sizes. It allows unlimited users, projects, tasks, and integrations at an affordable price. The cloud infrastructure ensures high uptime and rapid performance even with heavy usage. Role-based permissions allow fine-tuning of access.

Benefits Of Traditional Project Management Tools

Tanzohub offers several advantages over traditional project management platforms that rely on legacy software and siloed workflows.

More Intuitive Interface

The Tanzohub interface is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It features a clean, uncluttered design that allows users to create tasks, collaborate, and track progress quickly. The intuitive controls make it easy for teams to onboard and adopt the platform.

Enhanced Transparency

With its real-time activity streams and centralized workflow, Tanzohub provides unparalleled transparency into teamwork. All users have visibility into task status, communications, and project progress. There are no information silos.

Flexible Access

Tanzohub allows seamless access across devices with desktop, mobile, and web apps. Team members can collaborate and manage work on the go. The platform scales to provide flexibility no matter the size of the team or project.

Robust Integrations

Tanzohub integrates with popular business apps like Slack, Dropbox, G Suite and more. This expanded functionality enables users to manage workflows efficiently. Tanzohub also offers APIs for custom integration.

Cost Savings

Pricing for Tanzo Hub is very competitive compared to legacy project management tools. The cloud-based SaaS model provides savings over installed software. Features like custom roles and permissions allow for the optimization of needed seats. Organizations can realize significant cost efficiencies.

Use Cases of Tanzohub

Tanzohub is versatile enough to enhance collaboration among companies and teams across various industries and fields. Here’s how it provides value in some key real-world use cases:

Software Development Teams

Tanzohub coordinates complex software projects with multiple developers, testers, designers, and product managers. It helps streamline sprints, track code issues, organize QA, and sync design workflows. The transparency helps keep remote programmers aligned and on schedule.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing teams can collaborate across campaigns in Tanzohub with central asset libraries, approvals workflows, and unified messaging. It provides oversight needed to coordinate among writers, designers, and strategists while enabling flexibility.

Customer Service Teams

Tanzohub empowers distributed customer service teams with shared inboxes, knowledge bases, and ticket routing. Real-time chat ensures quick responses, while robust data provides insights. The platform scales easily to meet demand spikes.

eCommerce Companies

Online sellers benefit from Tanzohub when managing web development, digital advertising, social media marketing, inventory, logistics, and customer support. Tanzohub connects all these critical functions for frictionless operations.

Role in the Gig Economy and the Future of Work

Tanzohub plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of work by enabling greater flexibility, productivity, and opportunities for talent worldwide.

As traditional 9-5 office jobs decline, Tanzohub supports the growing gig economy and the rise of independent contractors and freelancers. With its cloud-based access and customizable workflows, professionals can manage their projects and collaborate with employers on a flexible, as-needed basis. Tanzohub makes it seamless for companies to connect and coordinate with top talent worldwide.

The platform is built for a modern, distributed workforce. Teams no longer need to be in the same location to work together effectively. With Tanzohub’s real-time communication and document-sharing tools, team members can align despite being dispersed across multiple geographies. This allows businesses to access a global talent pool and enables workers to have more flexible living and working arrangements.

Overall, Tanzohub represents the future of project collaboration in an increasingly mobile, autonomous workforce and looking for technology that enhances productivity regardless of location. By supporting distributed teams, flexible work arrangements, and connecting businesses with top talent worldwide, Tanzohub is at the forefront of work innovation.

Company Growth

Founded in 2018, Tanzohub has seen impressive growth in a short period. The startup has raised over $20 million in funding from top VC firms like Sequoia Capital, evidencing strong investor confidence in the platform’s potential.

Tanzohub now has over 50,000 users worldwide, demonstrating rapid user adoption. The company plans to leverage its fresh capital to continue scaling the platform through new enterprise partnerships and product integrations.

Expansion plans are focused on extending Tanzohub’s reach in global markets. The company recently opened new offices in Singapore and London, complementing existing San Francisco and Bangalore hubs. Tanzohub’s workforce has tripled in the past year to over 200 employees as it staffs up to support larger customers.

With its innovative product, ample funding, and strategic growth roadmap, Tanzohub is poised for continued success as a leading next-gen work platform. The company’s trajectory shows no sign of slowing as it aims to transform collaboration and project management for the digital workplace.


What features does Tanzo Hub offer?

Tanzohub offers comprehensive task management, collaboration, communication, and analytics features. Key features include customizable workflows, file sharing, time tracking, notifications, integrations, and more. The platform is highly flexible and adapts to diverse team needs.

How much does Tanzo Hub cost?

Tanzohub offers competitive pricing plans for teams of all sizes. Pricing starts at free for up to 5 users, $7 per user/month for up to 20 users, and custom enterprise pricing.

What kind of support does Tanzo Hub provide?

Tanzohub provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and phone. Support resources include comprehensive help documentation, training courses, and an active user community forum.

Can I import data from other platforms into Tanzo Hub?

Yes, Tanzohub offers robust integration capabilities. You can connect and synchronize data from platforms like Asana, Trello, Jira, and GitHub. Bulk data import is also available.

How secure is Tanzo Hub?

Tanzohub utilizes enterprise-grade security measures, including SSL encryption, 2-factor authentication, and role-based access controls. Customer data privacy is a top priority.

What devices can I use Tanzo Hub on?

Tanzohub can be accessed from any web browser. Mobile apps for iOS and Android are also available for access on the go.

Can I customize Tanzo Hub for my team’s workflows?

Yes, Tanzohub is highly flexible. You can customize custom fields, statuses, views, automation, and more to your workflows. The platform scales as your needs evolve.

Does Tanzo Hub integrate with other workplace apps?

Tanzohub integrates with over 1000+ workplace apps via Zapier, including email, chat, CRM, HR tools, and more. API integration is also available.

Conclusion – Tanzohub Driving Workplace Collaboration and Innovation

Tanzo Hub is at the forefront of driving innovation in how teams work together. Through its intuitive platform and robust collaboration features, Tanzohub enables organizations to communicate and manage projects in new ways.

With its seamless integration of messaging, file sharing, task management, and analytics, Tanzo Hub has created a centralized hub for teamwork that breaks down silos and connects colleagues across locations and departments. Giving transparent visibility into workflows while maintaining flexibility allows businesses to be more agile and productive.

As the future of work trends towards remote and distributed teams, Tanzohub provides the ideal foundation for managing and optimizing collaboration. Its scalable platform and customizable tools empower companies to adapt to our rapidly evolving digital era. Tanzohub allows teams to work smarter and drive results through streamlined coordination.

By leveraging emerging technologies like blockchain and cloud computing, Tanzohub delivers the reliability, security, and ease of use that modern organizations require. With innovative thinking and a focus on user experience, Tanzohub drives value for enterprises seeking to improve team alignment and unlock productivity.

As more businesses transition to flexible, project-based work, Tanzohub represents the new generation of agile, data-driven collaboration platforms. Its potential to connect talent and enable innovative partnerships is immense. Tanzohub is at the edge of transforming workflows and pioneering the future workplace.

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